Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Release, Free e-book, and Marketing My Free e-book

First things first, the second installment of my Anticipatory Pause series is now available on Amazon! And tomorrow Sept. 19th and Saturday Sept. 20th the first installment of my Anticipatory Pause series will be free as a kindledownload!

AnticipatoryPause: Part One-The Virus—also available now and free Sept. 19th and 20th.

Now, I’m not big on marketing myself, which means I’ve never really have done it besides on my blog and Twitter, and I’m pretty lazy with announcing things on there sometimes. I’m trying to build up a following on my Facebook page, but that is going pretty slow. And I’ve had free days with my books before, but never really pushed for people other than my very small following to know about these things. But this time, I’m giving it a shot. I filled out submission forms for my free book days to appear on eleven different sites. Some of them, I doubt will post my book, but a few will because I was guaranteed spots, so I will let you all know how that goes. My big hope is that people will read and like the first book and go and download the second book. That’s if people download the first one, soooooo….lets keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Book Giveaway of Anticipatory Pause: Part One-The Virus

I will be releasing the newest installment to my Anticipatory Pause novella series this week, Anticipatory Pause: Part Two-Missing. So in celebration, I’m giving away a print copy of the first book in the series. It’s the first time I ever got one of my books in print, so there seems to be a bit of a learning curve (at least when it comes to me) because the book is not perfect. The font on the cover is too large (seeping of the edge) the text inside is a tad too small, and a there are a few senseless grammatical errors within. You can call it a collector’s edition because if you win a copy you’ll be one of the only people in the world with an imperfect hard copy version of my novella, or you can call it an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) because arcs are never the official final manuscript. If you call it an arc just pretend the novella itself hasn’t been released yet. 

So to enter go to my Facebookpage, like my page (please be my friend), and then leave a comment, simple as that. The more comments the more I’ll give away, so share. I have 1-3 copies for you all to win.

Also, it’s a bity sized book, pocket sized it is called. It’s small cute fun, and it’s fun to get things in the mail!

Also, if you've never read my work before, it would be a good intro. Also, also, at the end of the week the e-book version of Anticipatory Pause: Part One-The Virus will be free for a couple of days.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Might Just Self-Publish

Man, you guys, I just might have to self-publish The Now or Never Moment. That's the young adult novel that I wanted to try to get traditionally published. But see, for fun, I sometimes make covers for my books, and I made one for The Now or Never Moment and I really, really like it. I think I'm getting pretty good at book cover design. I like it because it doesn't scream young adult because where my story is technically a young adult novel, I think it could cross over to adult because the story starts at the beginning of their first college year and then kind of looks back at their high school years.
But, we'll see. Here's the blurb:
Just as Shelby is about to leave for college her best friend shows up on the doorstep and hands her a manila envelope, telling her not to open it until she gets settled in at school.

Tanner Tally and Shelby Dudek have been best friends since freshman year. Ever since the first time he saw Shelby, Tanner was in love with her, and as she goes away to college, he wants to make sure she knows this and knows what a positive impact she has had on his life. She was there for him when he was bullied, depressed, took an unexpected turn to popularity, through trauma, and just life. She was always there. So he wrote it all down for her and put it in an envelope and told her not to open it until she’s at school.
Shelby does not wait until she’s settled in to begin reading what Tanner wrote. With an audience that starts out as being just her new roommate, she starts reading what Tanner has to say, and as she gets deeper into the story, her audience grows. She also begins to realize she’s loved Tanner all along, but it might be too late to tell him this. He might not be hers’ anymore.