Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Illustration Friday, Doris and Tic Tocc

Doris is asleep.
This is my illustration for Illustration Friday where the theme is asleep.
Doris is dreaming about the upcoming release of her book to pdf (she's going untraditional) and she's dreaming that more people will like her's and Pete's FACEBOOK PAGE.  She wants to let you know that if you want to like her facebook page there's a badge for it in the sidebar, see it?  Good.   Just hit like and it will make you sign in to FB and you will automatically like Pete and Doris, that's it, simple.
This is my Tic Tocc exrecise this week.  Kat from Wright Story provides a prompt via newsletter and then you respond to the prompt in a creative manner, not excedding 20 mins.  So this is my unedidted continuing adventure of The Crowley Family.  If you want to read the scenes before this one just look for Sharonda, Pete and the Crowley family in the labels there in the sidebar.  I have not finished writing the scene befor this one, so it kinda jumps.  It also takes kind of a dark turn here.  It might also seem all over the place cuz I had so much stuff in my head and a limited amount of time.

“Okay,” Pete said remember what I said would happen to your world if all the mythologoical creatures crossed over into this dimension?”
Verona and I both nodded our heads because what would happen was really bad. “Well, you know that was detrimental to the existence of everything, well this is detrimental to the existence of me.”
“So, that note means something serious.” I was referring to the small tattered parchment paper that laid on the beach in front of us. We had it weighed down with a rock so it wouldn’t blow away. We were at the beach again. Looking for more clues on my aunties’ space ship landing that we thought the adult world was concealing. While searching for clues Verona found the small piece of parchment buried in the sand. Written on it in scribbly handwriting were three words, garnet, blood, magic.
Pete’s unicorn cheeks were glowing bright pink. “Yes, it actually means the death of me!”
“What,” I shouted way too loud. Some passerbys craned their heads to stare at me.
“Yes and I also just figured out who and or what came through the porthole with me.”
“Well,” Verona said with big scared bug eyes. I’m sure my eyes were bugged out too. The thought of somebody wanting to put an end to Pete was unbearable to think of.
“A unicorn hunter.”
“Somebody is hunting you?” I asked.
“Wait,” Verona said biting the corner to her lip. “I thought only mythological creatures lived in the second dimension.10min
“So, you just assume that the unicorn hunter is human? You humans are so full of yourselves,” Pete snapped looking back towards the water.
“No, it’s just that,” Verona stammered with her cheeks flushing.
“Oh, I’m just messing with ya,” Pete said giving us a mischevious grin.
“Pete,” Verona shouted slapping him in the neck. “This is no time to be joking.”
“But how is that possible,” I asked.
“Okay, back in the day like way back, we’re talking medieval times, there was some porthole over in England somewhere and these young unicorns discovered it on our side and slipped through. They would hang out with these maidens in the woods and they went back and forth a few times and then the unicorns’ moms found out or something and they stopped coming, but in one of the trips some medieveil dude must’ve slipped back with them.”
“Is that why in books you always see like medieval girls like sitting on unicorns with flowers in their hair and a castle in the background.”
“Yes, exactly, why do you think unicorns and princesses go so well together. It’s not just a little girl pretty pretty princess type of deal, this is the stuff of legends we’re talking about.”
“Uh, Pete,” Verona said rasing her hand in the air like she was in school. “What about the part with the garnet, magic and blood.”
Oh yes, well this unicorn hunter has been hanging around the second dimension since, well, midevil times, but he has yet to get his hands on one of us and supposedly we’re much easier to take down in this dimension.
And why does he want to take you down? I asked. 20
“Well, if you spill a unicorns blood, saw off their horn, that’s where the magic is kept, and mix it all together or something and do some sorta spell while holding the garnet, you will then possess the unicorns magic. A human with a unicorns magic is capable of doing almost anything, so this unicorn hunter dude I think has prolly been hunting me for a while and slipped through the porthole into this dimension with me.”
“Holy crap,” Verona and I said in unison once again with wide bug eyes.


  1. Your illustration is so cute! So cozy in that little bed!

  2. I really like how you've been able to continue the Crowley's story through each week's TIC TOCC. I've really been enjoying their story. Can't wait till the next installment.

    And Doris is adorable all sleepy and cute.

  3. Doris is really adorable!
    The story is good...
    hugs Mel!!

  4. Doris looks sooo cute sleeping!

    Oh no, Pete is being hunted by an evil medieval hunter - I'm worried. You tied in the Garnet, Blood, Magic and beach in wonderfully to the Crowley story. Its wonderful the way you're using TIC TOCC to continue the story. I look forward to each new installment. More witty storytelling & this week even more suspense. Great! (Just please don't let Pete get killed - I don't think I could cope with that!)

    Kat Xx

  5. oh this is a real cute illustration. She really looks like she is sleeping.

  6. She looks so sweet and lovely asleep.

  7. Good stuff. Your illustrations are very cute. Loved the story!!

  8. Thanks Beth Anne, Ana and Anne, kinda funny the 3 of u commented in a row. Thanks Horacio! Thanks Kat for another great prompt, Pete should be okay, hmmmm….. Thanks Jehanne, Rabbit, Roban and Tango (he he he)!

  9. SSSHHHH.... Don’t want to wake up Doris. She looks so comfy. Nice one Missy! Love the saga... and it continues.... :o)