Friday, September 24, 2010

Illustration Friday: Old Fashioned

The good old fashioned mix tape.
A folded handwritten note(see, even the names are old fashioned, really old fashioned).  Before texting.

Some school districts are actually thinking about cutting back on time spent on handwriting because they say it is not of such importance anymore, so that makes printing kinda old fashioned.
These are my old fashioned forms of communication.  I can go on forever.  I graduated in 95 from high school, so I could also add pagers and pay phones, cuz once you got paged you had to run to the pay phone to call that person.
I haven't posted anything in a week, so that's why I got snazzy by doing three drawings, they're little generic drawings, but three none the less.


  1. These are such good ideas for the topic - I feel old when I see these objects and know that I've used them so much.

  2. oh, so clever. I love the mix tape...great one. i graduated in I can totally relate, here! xxoo

  3. Mix-tapes are fun and now there are internet versions but they are not quite the same are they? Haha.

  4. LOL!!! Mix tapes!!! These are great, takes me back...I graduated in 96 so it is all so familiar! :)

  5. Ouch! And hee hee! Yes, all these familiar items are definitely old fashioned! :o)

  6. Thanks you guys, my illustrations also make me feel kinda old. I knew they would appeal to only a certain age group (which is pretty much everybody who commented) and Jack, cuz he's always has nice things to say.